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Trustees at work: Engagement Suite success!

The spring meeting featured a new way for Trustees to get involved and make a difference through the Trustee Engagement Suites.

Trustees attended three suites that highlighted ways to get involved and action items to advance the K-State family though student recruitment, governmental advocacy and donor stewardship.

Collectively, trustees wrote 535 thank you notes to K-State donors, and captured more than 100 videos that were sent to top prospective students and generous donors through our ThankView system.

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So far, 73 percent of donors and 71 percent of prospective students have opened their ThankViews, and we are starting to hear back from students and donors alike:

“This is one of the nicest (and coolest) gestures I’ve seen in a long time!  Wow, very thoughtful and much appreciated!” replied one donor who received a ThankView.

“I wanted to say thank you for the video from Mr. and Mrs. West… It is so sweet to experience the love and care from K-State alumni. If all things work out, I hope to have the opportunity to meet them in person,” replied one top prospective student who received a ThankView.

We will be following these projects closely through the summer and reporting more progress at the fall meeting in September.

You can download materials from these sessions here:

Student recruitment
Download the presentation (PDF), factsheet (PDF) and interest form (PDF).

Governmental advocacy
Download the handout (PDF).

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