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K-State Family Scholarship: How it works

At our fall meeting, you heard about how a handful of signature donors have created the K-State Family Scholarship Program. Here are more details about how this innovative program works.

How the family scholarship funding works

  • Lead donors have already given seed monies to establish their “family tree” of matched funds.
  • You give a gift of $30,000 to your family scholarship of choice; it is matched at $30,000 for a total gift is $60,000 once the gift agreement is signed and the first pledge is received.
  • Your gift can be given in a lump sum or an annual pledge of $6,000 for five years.
  • If you pledge $6,000, $4,000 goes to principal and $2,000 is awarded.
  • We’ve simplified the donor-requested criteria to make the scholarship more awardable and impactful. You may designate your scholarship to a college or unit.
  • Only two gift matches per household.
  • A portion of the funds from these Family Scholarships will be made available to campus once the agreement is signed and pledge received with the remainder going into the endowment to fuel future scholarships.*

Claim your place in the family tree of scholarships, and you will directly meet the needs of this and future generations of K-State students!

For more information, contact John Morris by email or at 785-775-2007.

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