Making a Difference

Category: Winter 2013

Calling all K-Staters: the new K-State Telefund expands its reach

This summer, Telefund transitioned to a year-round calling program, allowing K-State to significantly expand the number of K-Staters who can be reached each year. In addition to increasing the number of alumni contacted on behalf of K-State’s nine academic colleges, Telefund’s expansion will allow students to connect with a broader audience, including K-State parents and friends, as well as increase private support and create 60 new campus jobs for students. Continue reading “Calling all K-Staters: the new K-State Telefund expands its reach”

Faculty and staff giving breaks records

The All-University Campaign for K-State broke records in 2012, with 42 percent of faculty and staff participating. And that’s just one of several exciting numbers K-State faculty and staff are proud to share. Here are a few more:

• 2,100 faculty and staff made a gift this year
• 51 made a gift through payroll deduction
• 215 made a gift for the first time
• More than $1.3 million dollars raised during the 2012 campaign! Continue reading “Faculty and staff giving breaks records”