Making a Difference

Category: Winter 2014

In case you missed it: A video thank you

This holiday season, KSU Foundation launched a thank you video to all donors just before the holiday season.

Using the voices of students, young alumni and faculty, the video not only serves as a cheerful thank you to donors, but a way of showing how annual gifts help support K-State students, the faculty who teach them, and the learning environment that makes it all possible.

Advancing K-State 2025: Faculty/staff giving

K-State faculty and staff are the heart and soul of the university — in more ways than one. Not only do they shape the student experience at K-State, but they also invest in K-State’s future through the All-University Campaign for K-State.

In 2013, faculty and staff broke records again with 43 percent of faculty and staff participating. And that’s just one number we’re excited to share with you. Here are a few more: Continue reading “Advancing K-State 2025: Faculty/staff giving”