Kansas State University


Graduate School

Dean’s Message

Wow, what a busy and exciting spring semester for the Graduate School Team and our graduate students!  I’ll highlight a few of the exciting events that happened.

In February the Graduate School hosted our second Three Minute Thesis Competition. The audience and judges were impressed with the quality of the presentations both in the heats and the finale. This is just one of the multiple opportunities that the Graduate School hosts to enhance our graduate students’ ability to communicate their scholarly work to the public. More information about this event is available in the newsletter.

During spring break, the Graduate School relocated to Eisenhower Hall from Fairchild Hall where we had been located for more than 30 years. The Dean’s Office is located in the former College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office suite. In addition to the Dean’s suite, we now have a classroom for our professional development events, an office for the Graduate Student Council, and offices for the entire team on first floor, and a work and break room in the basement. This summer we will have access to rooms on the third floor that will provide collaborative space for graduate students to work on interdisciplinary research initiatives and class projects, offices for our campus partners (Powercat Financial, the Writing Center, Hale Library, Counseling Services, and the Career Center) to hold meetings with graduate students, and offices for the Postdoc Association and the student Fulbright Scholars.  We have much work to do this summer to get the space on third floor functional.  We are excited about our new location and encourage the alumni to visit us anytime they are on campus.

In addition to moving in March, the Graduate School partnered with the Graduate Student Council to host the K-State Graduate Research, Art and Discovery Forum (K-GRAD Forum). Scholarships for the first place winners were provided by the Graduate School, Graduate Student Council, Offices of President and Provost, Research Office and Sigma XI.  More information about the K-GRAD Forum and winner of this event and other student accomplishments are described in the newsletter. The Graduate School team are proud of our graduate students and their accomplishments and sincerely appreciate their mentors.

Commencement is always an exciting time for those who have completed their graduate degrees. On May 12 we celebrated this success with the largest group of graduate students to participate in Commencement.  I enjoy seeing the excitement in the graduates as I present them their diplomas.     Dr. Geraldine (Gerri) Richmond was awarded an honorary doctorate and presented an inspirational commencement address. Information about Dr. Richmond and Spring Commencement is presented in the newsletter.

Looking forward to summer, the Graduate School is excited to host an alumni event for graduates who participated in leadership roles on the Graduate Student Council during their time at K-State.  We look forward to networking with these alumni on July 14-16th. Information about the alumni reunion is available on the Graduate School website.

I hope each of you have a fun and relaxing summer. If you are visiting K-State, please come visit us in Eisenhower Hall and see the exciting progress we continue to make for our graduate students.