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Dean’s Message

Dean, Carol ShanklinAnother exciting semester has begun with many new opportunities and awards for our graduate students.  We began fall semester with the Graduate School Orientation sessions to welcome our new graduate students and provide them information to facilitate their success.  More than 340 new graduate students participated in the on-campus orientation sessions that included the introductory session on August 19 where the students were provided key information to facilitate their success, learned about the opportunities offered by the Graduate Student Council and experienced situations that new graduate students often find themselves in through role playing by graduate students in Drama Therapy. Continue reading “Dean’s Message”

Edward Eddy, the K-State graduate

2 ½ hours.  That’s how long it took Edward Eddy to commute from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri to Manhattan, KS to attend nightly graduate classes from 1974-82. Juggling a family of five and holding a full time job, Edward Eddy did the unthinkable for many, he went on to pursue a doctoral degree from Kansas State University.

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Throughout the years, College of Education’s graduate studies

In a recent Q & A Mike Holen, former Dean, Associate Dean and Department Head of the College of Education at Kansas State University, discussed the development of graduate studies for non-traditional students for the College of Education over the past forty years.
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Dean’s Message

Dean Carol ShanklinI am writing this greeting as I return from Quebec City where Associate Dean, Gerry Craig, and I attended the Council of Graduate School’s Summer Meeting.  We learned several new ideas that we look forward to implementing to enhance the quality of our graduate student experiences.  We were pleased to share ideas about professional development opportunities we provide K-State graduate students and the wonderful partnership we have with the Graduate Student Council and many units on campus.  This issue highlights one new and successful initiative – the Dissertation Writing Retreat – that evolved from a partnership with the Library, the English Department and the Writing Center. We appreciate the support we received from K-State administration for the pilot project and to a special alumni who will be supporting future professional development to strengthen our graduate students’ communication skills.

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Launch of First Writing Retreat for Doctoral Candidates

DWRDiscussionGroupFifteen students, from across all disciplines, participated in Kansas State University’s inaugural week-long Dissertation Writing Retreat during the May Intersession. The Writing Center, with sponsorship from the English Department, Graduate School, K-State Libraries, and the Offices of the Provost and the Senior Vice President, hosted the retreat. Participants wrote for five hours daily, reflected on personal goals, and communicated with peers about progress being made towards their dissertation. In addition, Center staff met daily with individuals to provide feedback and encouragement.

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Jim Killacky: A life full of higher education

Jim Killacky 2
Jim Killacky at what is known as the Twelve Apostles – a major tourist attraction on the south coast of Australia.

Born and bred in Ireland, Jim Killacky knows a thing or two about luck and perseverance. This Irishman at heart has thrived in every aspect of his life. Ever since moving to Kansas from New York, Killacky knew some part of his life was supposed to be in higher education. Little did he know then that the majority of his life would be spent learning from and teaching others in the world of academia.

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Gail McClure on Enhancing Communication Skills of Graduate Students: Support the Graduate School

In a recent Q & A, the current Senior Advisor at the National Science Foundation discusses her experience with graduate studies, the importance of graduate education and the need to enhance communication in the industry.

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