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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Alumni Announcements

Madeline Wetta (BA in English Literature & Women’s Studies 2012) studied abroad in Morocco during her last semester of school at KSU and after graduating she moved home to Lawrence, KS.  She now works at the University of Kansas in the Center for Research on Learning and has just been promoted to the position of Project Coordinator. Madeline works on projects that provide professional development to secondary teachers that focuses on promoting successful transitions to adulthood for all students, including those with disabilities.  Madeline plans to keep her current position for the next 3 to 5 years while she pursues a graduate degree that will allow her to work with youth transitioning through the juvenile justice system or child protective services in some capacity.

Melisa Posey (BA in Women’s Studies 2011) returned to Kansas State University to complete her MS in College Student Development with an emphasis in Administration. Melisa will be teaching an Introduction to Women’s Studies course this coming spring and is looking forward to completing her Master’s work in 2014.

Jessica Haymaker (BS in Social Work, Minor in Women’s Studies & Leadership Studies 2009) After graduation she went on to work the Crisis Center, Inc. – Manhattan’s local domestic violence/sexual assault agency.  Jessica went on to get her Master’s degree from KU in Social Work, and is currently at the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (a statewide nonprofit) as their Rural Sexual Assault Services Coordinator. She works primarily with the organization’s most rural programs to improve their capacity to serve sexual assault survivors.

Stefani Schrader (BA in English & Women’s Studies 2007) recently moved back to Manhattan to take the position of box office manager at McCain Auditorium.  She had been working as the Development Director at the Art Center in Salina, and now welcomes her return to campus and the college community.

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