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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Scholarship Awards

Thanks to the continued support of our founders we were able to award two outstanding Women’s Studies students with the Founders Scholarship for Academic Excellence scholarships over the last two academic school years.

2012-2013 The 2012-2013 scholarship recipient was Marilyn Ortega. For Marilyn, a single motherand non-traditional student, this award signified our department’s commitment in helping her succeed. Ortega says, “For me it is more than just the financial aspect that makes this award so momentous. Being awarded the Founders Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Women’s Studies has been an affirmation that I am heading in the right direction here in academia.” We were delighted to be able to acknowledge her talents and achievements with the Founders Scholarship for Academic Excellence award, Congratulations Marilyn!

 Adena Weiser is the 2013-2014 recipient of the Founders Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Women’s Studies. Adena is a non-traditional student, returning to school after raising her son and retiring from the military. Adena says this award shows that she was seen as a “worthy investment” for our department and has inspired her to pay it forward. Weiser says that the award has enkindled her spirit and wants to “provide this same type of support to others while they pursue their education and dreams.” We are delighted that we were able to ignite the next “generation” to give and support others as they realize their dreams. Congratulations to you as well Adena!

The Founders Scholarship has made it possible to offer one $500 scholarship to a student for the past three years. We would love to be able to increase that scholarship, and hope to be able to offer more than one scholarship in the future. Given the rising costs of education, this would be a wonderful time to consider supporting this scholarship, either by contacting our development officer, Sheila Walker, sheilaw@found.ksu.edu, 785-532-7568, or contributing directly online at www.found.ksu.edu/womstscholars.

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