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Harvey County 4-H Ambassadors

Last weekend I loaded up our Extension van with sleeping bags, pillows, suitcases, and pencils. Three of our 4-H Ambassadors and I headed to Rock Springs 4-H Center for a weekend of learning and friendship. At the camp, 4-H Ambassadors were equipped with new ideas and skills for communicating about our 4-H program.

Harvey County 4-H members Ryan Littlejohn, Seth Stucky, and DJ ReQua attend several sessions over the weekend, where they learned many new skills, but not without a little fun along the way. After an exciting opening session and “minute to 4-H it” games, the group enjoyed a dance and movie night. The next morning, they went right to work with educational workshops.

One of the workshops that DJ ReQua attended helped her to develop a short “elevator pitch” about 4-H that she can use on radio broadcasts in the future. The whole group attended a session on the “4-H Brand”, where they learned about the foundation of the 4-H program and how to present that to the public.

On the ride home, the van was abuzz with excitement for the new ideas and goals that our ambassadors have for Harvey County 4-H this year. One of the goals they set was to present in front of at least two community organizations each this year, for a total of eight presentations. Another goal was to get “fancy” polo shirts and name tags so that they look official when presenting to the public. These teens are excited to share about our 4-H program and the impact that it has in Harvey County in front of community members. I am proud to work with Harvey County teens who are taking the initiative to make a positive impact in our community.

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