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Small Predator Control

Small predator control can be a big deal for people that raise small farm animals like poultry, goats, and sheep.  Predators like coyotes and bob cats can cause a lot of dollars in damage very quickly if they are not held in check. The two best ways to keep predators out is a good fence or a good guard dog. If you have both of them it is even better.

For protecting goats and sheep the best way to keep them safe is having a good guard dog that lives in the pasture with the animals. Since the pastures the goats and sheep are in are usually fairly good sized it is not economical to build a tight enough fence that would keep a coyote out. So I would suggest getting a large breed guard dog like a Great Pyrenees, Komodor, or Ackbash.  The rule of thumb is it the guard dog needs to be two years old to be mature enough to its job successfully.

A lot of people raise chickens and enjoy having them run around the yard. Chickens are also liked by every small predator in the state and even some dogs. Having a very good fence for you poultry is the best way to go for keeping your birds safe. I think chicken wire is the best type of fence that keeps critters out of the chicken coop. It is also a good idea to burry a panel like a hog panel about a foot in the ground around the chicken coop to keep animals from digging under the fence. I would put a cover over the top of the outdoor chicken fence because raccoons and opossums are very good and climbing and will very easily get into a pen that doesn’t have a good protection over it.

If you have any questions about small predator control please call me at me office at 316-283-6930 and I will be happy to help.

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