Harvey County


3, 2, 1, liftoff! This weekend is the 4-H rocket launch at Bruce and Lori Jolliff’s farm. Harvey County 4-H’ers who are enrolled in the 4-H Space Tech: Rocketry project have been working hard this summer to build a rocket for the launch.

Doug and Seth Stucky, the 4-H Rocketry Leaders for Harvey County, and Chip Westfall, County Commissioner and 4-H Volunteer, will be the flight crew for the launch. Seth and Doug will be on the launch pad, sending off rockets while Chip will be tracking and measuring each rocket’s flight.

Some 4-H’ers may design their own rocket, while some use rocket kits to build scale model rockets. The intent of scale modeling according to the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is “to produce an accurate, flying replica or a real rocket vehicle, that exhibits maximum craftsmanship in construction, finish, and flight performance.”

Guided by the instruction of Seth and Doug Stucky, 4-H’ers have worked on their rocketry projects for months to prepare them for launch. It is a moment of truth, to see if their rocket will take flight. After recording their launch, 4-H’ers have to track their rockets to retrieve them. Once they find their launched rocket, they will document any flight damage that occurred.

Keep your eyes skyward Saturday morning for the 4-H Rocket Launch! These rockets will be exhibited and judged at the Harvey County Fair, Aug. 4-8th. Be sure to stop by and check the work of these Harvey County 4-H members.

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