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Medicare Changes

Lots of changes are happening in the Medicare world, and it is hard to navigate them all, let along understand them! Great thing your local Extension Agent is here to help!

First off, all Medicare card holders will be getting a new card starting this coming April and the Government with be distributing them until December 31, 2019. I think this is great because a lot of our older Medicare card holder numbers are their social security numbers! Yikes! That would be an easy way to get your identity stolen! BUT, with the change of cards, there will be a lot of fraud happening. If you are a Medicare card holder or you know someone who is, please let them know to NOT give their number out to anyone! The Government wouldn’t release who is getting new cards, so how would the person on the phone know you are a card holder? They wouldn’t!

Next there is a supplement plan that is going to not be sold anymore, which is a normal process in the Medicare world, BUT it also means that people are starting to push supplement holders into switching plans and using an insurance company to help them! The only bad thing is these insurance companies make a profit off what they sign you up on. Also, if you try to switch plans and you are not in the enrollment period, then you might be denied. There is a lot of pieces that go with supplements, so if you have questions please call!

Lastly, I have been getting this call a lot and I know Department on Aging has too, but you cannot be signed up for a supplement plan without Part A and Part B! Companies are going around selling supplement plans to newly or almost newly 65 year olds and also saying they will sign them up for Part A and Part B. Social Security is the only place you can get sign up for Part A and Part B.

Basically in the end, be careful on who you give your information out to, and trust your gut. If it doesn’t seem right, then do not do it! Also you can always trust the Extension office. We are SHICK Trained and provide non-biased material and information for when you are confused and needed help understanding. Call us at 316-284-6930 to set up an appointment.

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