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Domestic Violence and Males

With all this talk of domestic violence in the news and media these days, I wanted to make sure we talked about victims. Typically, we assume that all victims are female and that is not the case. 1 in 4 men have been physically abused and 1 in 7 men have been severely abused in a relationship. That is a high percentage that we tend to brush off and not focus on.

Reasons why we might not know men being abused by their dating partner is the stigma we put on men to be macho or manly, they tend to be stereotyped as the person who should not show emotion, when it is discussed it is treated as a joke and for those who have told someone the reply is, “Be a man,” or something that discourages them to speak up about it again.

Some of the typical abuse that comes from the female is name calling, physical abuse, breaking their things, making them admit to things they didn’t do and many other types of domestic abuse. Personal statements from men say that when they tried to get out of the relationship, their personal items ended up broken because their partner was so angry at them they destroyed their computer, phone, books, pictures and many other items.

For men to get help, they need to tell someone. Do not keep this to yourself! It is best to tell someone you trust, a doctor, a hotline, or here in Harvey County we have the Safe House where you can get help. Other nationwide sources are Male Survivor and Center’s Against Domestic Violence in New York, both of which have good information for men.

Places in Harvey County that will help you:

HVCO Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Taskforce: 1-800-487-0510
Safe Hope Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: 316-283-0350
Agape Resource Center (food pantry & clothing closet): 316-283-1600
Salvation Army: 316-283-3190
New Jerusalem Missions: 316-282-2101
Harvey County Homeless Shelter: 316-283-7711
Health Ministries Clinic: 316-283-6103

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