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Kansas Day

This Monday is Kansas Day! The best way to celebrate it is to take your family to visit some Kansas History!

We have a ton of places in Kansas rich with history. I have picked a few of my favorites plus a few I have not heard of to give you some ideas!

First of all in Manhattan (only a 2-hour drive) there is the National Tall Grass Prairie Preserve. You can walk the trails and see some great views at the Kanza Prairie, located in the Preserve. It is a really cool experience to walk the trails!

In Wichita you have a few things. There is Cow Town and the Exploration Place. Both are always changing with exhibits and would be fun to see what’s new.

Go to Lindsborg! Here you will experience a Swedish culture and visit their Dala horses! Also the McPherson County Mill museum is there, along with the Small World Gallery, and great Swedish food!

Fort Scott has a great museum called the Fort Scott Frontier Roots. This would be a bit of a road trip, but it is beautiful country along the way. Also there are a few Civil War Battle Fields you can stop at on the way.

Last, in Salina you can visit the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure. You get to stroll past 100+ animals here! Also you can count the spots on a leopard or see unusual markings on the baboons!

These are only a few things you can do in Kansas! The main thing to do is get out and visit Kansas with your family, these will be the memories they remember!

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