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Upcoming Meetings: Cover Crop & Dicamba Training

*There will be Cover Crop Update on Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, in the Harvey County Courthouse Community Rooms, located in the basement of the Courthouse, 800 N Main, Newton. Entrance is the front doors of the building, facing west or Main street.

Jaymelynn Farney, Kansas State University Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist will be presenting the program. It will include “How to Safely rotate livestock on Cover Crops” and “What types of cover crops to plant for rotation”. There is no fee for this update.

Registration is due by February 16. Call the Extension office at 316-284-6930


*A very important meeting on Dicamba Training and Weed Management will be held on Monday, March 5, 9:00 AM to Noon, at the Harvey County Courthouse Community Rooms, Basement of the Courthouse. This meeting will be presented by Dallas Petersen, Kansas State University Agronomy Professor.

Anyone planning to buy one of the new Dicamba formulations in 2018 must have either a private applicator or category-specific applicator training. It is the responsibility of the applicators to obtain this training BEFORE the application of these herbicides. The training will cover the label changes in detail and provide information on what you as an applicator need to do to meet these requirements.

This is an approved training. There is no fee for this update.

Please PRE-REGISTER by March 1 by calling the Extension office at 316-284-6930.

If you have any questions regarding either meeting you may call me at the office at 316-284-6930 or email is flaming@ksu.edu.

I look forward to seeing you at these meetings.

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