Harvey County

New Roles at the Office

Well, I have been writing news articles for two years now. I cannot believe I have been here that long! I do have some exciting news to share with you though!

I am switching roles here in our office and our office is switching roles for my old job! How cool is that?

I will be a Family and Consumer Sciences Agent still, but I get to specialize in my programing. I will be specializing in Human Development and managing our 4-H program!

What does that mean? Well, I will be providing programing in our county that relates to youth, family, and community development. I will focus on stronger families, helping youth grow up to be amazing adults, and helping our community grow in the potential it can!

How does 4-H fit into that? 4-H is a positive youth development program, making it fit perfectly in this new role!

The new role, or my old one, is going to be a specialized agent as well and that new agent will be doing Nutrition and Family Finance. This new agent will do all the nutrition programing and anything that deals with finances in the family. Our SHICK program will still be ran out of our office, but through the new agent!

Since you already know me as a FCS agent, I thought I would give some details about my past 4-H life. I was a 4-Her for 11 years in Reno County. I did many different things in my 4-H career. For example, I participated in the fair, Discovery Days, 4-H camp, I have my club’s project leader for Buymanship and much more! I can recite the 4-H Pledge in my sleep!

I also have the best part of my life through 4-H; my husband! I met my husband when I was young at 4-H camp. Then we reconnected at Discovery Days when we were 15; a year later we were dating! Then I followed him around the Beef barn all through the fair! In September we will be together 9 years! A long time!

Anyway, that is enough about me! stop by the office and come chat with me about my new role! I would love to make connections with new people to help us grow our youth programs and our family development program!

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