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Track Your Baby’s Milestones with CDC app


From two months to fine years of age, children typically develop in predictable ways. physically for example, most babies can sit up unassisted by six months. By 12 months, they can pull up to standing. By 18 months, they can walk along. By two years, they can kick a ball. Overall, babies and toddlers have lots of new physical, social, cognitive and language skills to learn by the time they enter kindergarten.

Of course no two children are exactly the same. They each progress at their own pace. But milestones matter. How can you know if your child is on track?

To help you monitor important benchmarks for your child’s age and stage, download the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s free Milestone Tracker app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The app gives you easy access to:

  • Illustrated milestone checklists targeted to your child’s age, from two months through five years
  • A summary of your child’s milestones to share with your pediatrician at well child visits
  • Suggestions for activities you can do at home to help your child gain age appropriate skills
  • Tips for what to do it yours concerned
  • Reminders for appointments and developmental screenings

Monitoring your child’s development can help your pediatrician determine if your child is on target or experiences a delay or set back. Acting quickly can make a big difference, early intervention can help children who need to catch up meet developmental milestones through a wide range of services.


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