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Be sure to check out these great landscapes during the Second Century Library Foundation Flower and  Garden Tour in Newton this weekend!  The times are: 9 AM to Noon on Saturday, June 9 and 1 to 4 PM on Sunday, June 10. The homes on the tour include:  2413 College Ave. North Newton; 2913 Bluestem Court, North Newton; 314 Glendale, Newton; and 1704 Cypress Lane, Newton.

This tour garden tour helps the library raised funds for the Newton Public Library.  Suggested donation is $8.00.  Admission brochure available at the gardens on the tour and the Newton Public Library.

Now on to grubs!

You don’t have to treat for grubs most of the time.  Sometimes the damage they do does warrant treatment to prevent damage to your lawn.  If you plan on using a grub preventative on your lawn, the first half of July is a good target date for most products. Preventatives are normally used on areas that have had a history of grub problems.

Traditional grub insecticides such as Dylox or carbaryl (Sevin) are normally applied in late July after grubs are present or as a rescue treatment once damage is seen. Products that contain Merit (imidacloprid) are considered grub preventers. Actually, these products do not prevent grubs, but rather kill grubs when they are quite small, and long before they cause damage. Merit is safer to use around pets and humans than traditional grub killers. Merit can be found in Bayer’s Season-Long Grub Control, Grub No-More and Grub Free Zone. Another grub preventer with the trade name GrubEx contains chlorantraniliprole. Though this product is very effective, it is less water soluble than imidacloprid. It should be applied earlier, preferably April or May, but applications through June should still be effective.

Remember, all grub products should be watered in soon after application.

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