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A Heartfelt Farewell

For those who regularly read this column, you will know it was the beginning of May in 2016 that began working as the Harvey County 4-H Agent. Moving back to this county where I grew up and being able to work with a program that believes in the power of young people has been a dream come true. After a year and half of learning, growing as a professional, and serving our community, I have decided to leave KSRE Harvey County to pursue other career goals. I will be resigning as Harvey County 4-H Youth Development Agent effective December 27th, 2017.

This was not an easy decision to make. I have enjoyed working as the Harvey County 4-H Agent, and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to serve youth, families, volunteers and our community in this role. I owe a special thank you to those who have shown me grace while I was learning, those who have supported me as I tried new things, and to a community who believes in the Harvey County 4-H program.

I will be stepping into a new role as a regionally based K-State Admissions Representative for the greater Wichita area and I look forward to continuing to work locally and with youth in Harvey County who are interested in attending K-State.



Hannah Reynolds

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

K-State Research and Extension Harvey County

Ten Things You Need to Know About the 4-H Program Fee

  1. What is changing? Beginning with 2017-2018 4-H enrollment, which is currently happening, Kansas 4-H Youth Development will be asking families to invest in the present and future of the program with an annual program fee.
  2. How much is it? $15. The Kansas 4-H Program fee is $15 per 4-H member annually. This fee does not apply to five and six-year-old 4-H members, or Cloverbuds; their membership is free. Waivers are available by request through the online enrollment process for any family with a financial need.
  3. What is it for? The program fee is a state level fee that will be supporting 4-H program priorities such as volunteer development, project support and curriculum, and program enhancement. The annual program fee is one part of a broader solution to grow the Kansas 4-H program and fulfill priorities
  4. Why now? People can invest two things: time and treasure. Across Kansas there is already significant investment of time in 4-H youth development- something we are proud of and grateful for- but not every challenge can be solved by investing more time; some require investment of funds. And we have reached the limit of what we can do with declining funds.
  5. What if a family can’t afford $15 per child? The Kansas 4-H office offers scholarships for families who need it. No child who wants to participate in Kansas 4-H will be denied the opportunity. The state 4-H office plans to provide accommodations to enable ALL young people to fully participate.
  6. Will there be a discount or cap for families with multiple 4-H members? No, there is no discounted rate or cap for families with multiple children.
  7. How do I pay it? 4-H families will pay the fee at the time of enrollment at https://ks.4honline.com. Families should pay the amount due for membership within seven days of enrolling, either by credit card or mailing a check to the State 4-H Office, or by selecting a waiver. Please do not send payments to the local Extension Office, these payments will not be processed.
  8. Is there any local support for this fee? The Harvey County 4-H Development Fund is committed to sponsoring every Harvey County 4-H member by reimbursing Harvey County 4-H families $5 for each enrolled 4-H member and $15 for every new Harvey County 4-H member, however families must pay the amount due in full to the state office (or select the waiver option). Reimbursements will be made after the 1st of the year to each local 4-H club, and will then be distributed to families.
  9. How does the Kansas 4-H program fee of $15 compare to other state 4-H program fees? The range of collection fees from the states that have implemented an annual participated fee is $3-$50 annually. Some states also charge by the number of projects in which youth participate.
  10. Where can I find more information about the Kansas 4-H program fee? You will find resources and contact information on the Kansas 4-H website, http://www.kansas4-h.org.


Enrollment Deadline

Don’t miss out! The deadline for returning 4-H members to enroll in the program is right around the corner, January 1st, 2018. The deadline for new 4-H members to enroll will be May 1st, 2018. The deadline to add or drop 4-H projects is May 1st, 2018. 4-H enrollment is completely online at https://ks.4honline.com.

The new state 4-H program fee begins this enrollment period. The fee is $15 per member per year. This fee does not apply to five and six-year-old 4-H members, or Cloverbuds; their membership is free. Waivers are available by request through the online enrollment process for any family with a financial need. Families should pay the amount due for membership at the time of enrollment, either by credit card or mailing a check to the State 4-H Office, or by selecting a waiver. Please do not send payments to the local Extension Office, these payments will not be processed. The mailing address for the state office is 4-H Youth Development, 201 Umberger Hall, 1612 Claflin Rd. Manhattan, KS 66506. If mailing a personal check is your desired form of payment, be sure to write the name of the 4-H youth member(s) on the memo line or on an additional sheet of paper, enclosed with the check so the payment may be applied to the appropriate member(s). Please note that cash cannot be accepted. Payment is due within (7) days of submitting 4-H enrollment. Continue reading “Enrollment Deadline”

Hands to Larger Service

At every 4-H meeting, members recite the 4-H pledge. They pledge their “hands to larger service”, for their clubs, communities, countries and world. The holiday season is a time that many of our 4-H members put this pledge into action. All over the county, our 4-H members are giving back to their communities. These acts of service are instilling a sense of responsibility, respect, compassion and empowering 4-H youth with the skills that they need to lead for a lifetime.

Over the next few weeks, Harvey County 4-H members will be serving as bell ringers for salvation army, participating in adopt-a-family initiatives, Christmas caroling and gathering for holiday celebrations. Participation in 4-H events like these develop citizenship skills and empower youth to become informed and engaged in their communities. The 4-H clubs that conduct these events are made up of youth, parents, grandparents, volunteers. These groups help youth to develop relationships with others in their communities. Continue reading “Hands to Larger Service”

4-H Achievement Night

The 84th annual 4-H Achievement Banquet was recently held at Salem United Methodist Church in Newton to honor Harvey County 4-H members, volunteers and supporters. More than 75 4-H members, their families, and special guests attended the annual awards banquet sponsored by the Harvey County 4-H Council.

Harvey County 4-H members receiving 4-H Achievement Pins, County Champion awards, Kansas Award Portfolios, Club Seals, scholarships and special awards were recognized. Results are below, organized by 4-H Club. Continue reading “4-H Achievement Night”


Often times during the rush of summer and the county fair people tell me, “It will slow down after this!”. I usually smile and nod, knowing that the 4-H program only seems to get even more busy as the fall season begins. State fair, enrollment, awards, scholarships, and banquet hit our office just as holidays are fast approaching. It is easy to get caught up in the rush of long days of work, late night meetings, and dwindling hours of daylight this time of year. This year I have challenged myself to take a step back from all of the busyness to remember to be thankful.

I am thankful to be able to be busy. Busy with a job that allows me to work with people who believe in the power of young people. Busy with late night meetings with people who volunteer their time to make a difference in their communities.

I’m thankful to work in a community where I run into familiar faces at the grocery store. A few weeks ago I ran into my third grade teacher while picking up groceries. Having not talked to him for years, I assumed he would not recognize me. Instead, he made a point to say hello and tell me he enjoys reading this column. I am thankful for the support our community provides.

I am thankful to have an office that is a mess of papers, sticky notes and boxes of supplies because all of the mess is a sign of positive difference this 4-H program is making. The walls of my messy little office are lined with notes, drawings, and photos that constantly remind me of how thankful I am to serve our community as a 4-H Agent.

4-H Junior Leaders

What is your definition of a leader? Harvey County 4-H gives youth a unique opportunity to discover what leadership means to them. Youth ages 13-18 have the opportunity to be a part of a teen leadership group in Harvey County, 4-H Junior Leaders.

4-H is a youth development organization for youth ages 5-18 to join. Membership is free to age five and six-year-old Cloverbud members, and $15 annually for 4-H members age seven and up. Waivers are available for anyone with a financial need.

     Jr. Leaders at Spring Fun Night
            Taste of Newton

4-H members ages 13-18 are able to join the Junior Leaders program. Throughout this program youth are challenged to better understand their own leadership style while adding valuable input to a team. Junior Leaders meet once and month and participate in fun activities including Taste of Newton, the Harvey County Fair, and serving as counselors for the Harvey County Day Camp.

Interested youth are invited to attend the 4-H Junior Leader’s Kick Off- Bowling Party event on November 14th at 6:30 PM at Play-Mor lanes in Newton. All youth ages 13 to 18 are invited to come and enjoy leadership games, snacks and fun activities! 4-H membership is not required to attend this event but we do ask that you RSVP by November 13th to Hannah at hannaha@ksu.edu.



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