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4-H Sews a Wedding Dress

4-H programs date back to 1902, when they first got their start in rural America. 4-H now has a presence all 50 states and over 80 countries worldwide, making it our nation’s largest youth development organization. The 4-H program is rich in history and also in alumni, which means I get to connect with 4-H alums wherever I go. I always enjoy hearing about the experiences and skills that 4-H alumni have had in the program. Recently, I was able to connect with a 4-H alumni who had a hand in preparing my own wedding dress. Continue reading “4-H Sews a Wedding Dress”

Teen Leadership Groups

What is your definition of a leader? Harvey County 4-H gives youth a unique opportunity to discover what leadership means to them. Youth ages 13-18 have the opportunity to be a part of two leadership based 4-H groups in Harvey County, Junior Leaders and 4-H Ambassadors. Continue reading “Teen Leadership Groups”

Investing in the Future of Kansas 4-H: The Kansas 4-H Program Fee

For more than 100 years, Kansas 4-H has been committed to providing positive youth development educational experiences to young people across Kansas. The organization is committed to teaching life skills so all youth can reach their full potential. While we continue to celebrate – and appreciate – the dollars that are entrusted to Kansas 4-H, declining state funding for K-State Research and Extension and 4-H makes it difficult to create and sustain high quality and relevant 4-H youth development programs. Continue reading “Investing in the Future of Kansas 4-H: The Kansas 4-H Program Fee”

The “4-H New Year”

The county fair is always a great showcase of our 4-H program. It is the “grand finale” of a busy summer full of 4-H activities. Through the exhibits and shows at the fair, the public is able to get a glimpse of the learning and hard work that our 4-H members have devoted to their projects this year. With all of the 4-H projects on display at the fair, I get to hear from many families who are interested in joining the program. Continue reading “The “4-H New Year””


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