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How 4-H Camps Help Kids


The last two weeks have been fun, long, hot and tiring. Why has it been long, hot, and fun? Well, I have been at several different camps for our 4-H’ers.

The first camp I went to was Discovery Days. During Discovery Days, older 4-Hers get to live in the dorms. That means they sleep and eat in the dorms on the KSU campus. Then they get to sign up for classes and attend them across campus throughout the days they are there. This camp gives a 4-Her a great opportunity to see what college is like. They get to find their way around a place they have never been, they have to be on time and they get to learn about themselves in this process.

The other camp, I went to was 4-H Camp at Rock Springs Ranch. These kids learn a lot! This might be the first time they are away from home. They learn how to make new friends and they try new skills like archery, about bees, or soil conservation. These 4-Hers are counseled by an older 4-Her and the older 4-Her learns how to manage children, and be responsible.

4-H camps are a great way for kids to learn about themselves and learn skills they might never learn at home. It gives them a chance to learn many new things away from their normal lives and experience opportunities they might have never had a chance to do. Camps are wonderful to help grow our children into responsible young adults and then into the adults we want them to be.

Sunny Hills 4-H Camp

This weekend we will head to Rock Springs 4-H Center for our annual Sunny Hills camp. Sunny Hills is full of fun and excitement for campers, from horseback riding to learning to shoot a bow and arrow. The new and engaging activities are endless.  That is the traditional camp experience, but it is so much more — developing children who are better equipped to lead in the 21st century with skills such as independence, empathy, the ability to work as part of a team, and a broader world view. Continue reading “Sunny Hills 4-H Camp”

STEM and Swim Day Camp

Looking for something fun and educational for your child to do this summer? This year, Harvey County 4-H will host a “STEM and Swim” day camp on July 11th, from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In this one-day camp youth will experience team structured STEM activities and an afternoon of swimming at the Newton Municipal pool. This camp is open to any youth who has completed kindergarten-sixth grade (4-H membership not required). Campers will be led by teen 4-H Junior Leader counselors and supervised by adults. Lunch is provided. The cost to enroll is $15 per child, which includes lunch and all activities. (fee waivers are available upon request). Continue reading “STEM and Swim Day Camp”