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Food Stand Manager Wanted

Do you have an interest in teaching children about food safety and handling skills? Are you an organized person? Do you like to plan meals? Then we have the job for you!

We are looking for a Food Stand Manager during the Harvey County Fair. This is a seasonal job that would plan the meals during our fair. Our fair is August 2nd through the 6th this year.

Job duties would include, planning the menu, working with agent, shopping for supplies, and being available during hours of operation.

This is a great opportunity to work with 4-Her’s and teach them how to manage money, safe food handling skills and food safety skills. If you love to work with children, then this is the opportunity for you.

If you are interested, you can find the application at www.harvey.ksu.edu/4-h or email Anne Pitts at aelpers@ksu.edu

Changes to the 2018 Harvey County Fair

The Harvey County Fair a wonderful event for all ages! We have 4-H shows, carnival, Saddle Club Rodeo, and much more! This year though we have a few changes.

First of all the dates have been moved. Instead of starting the judging on Friday and going through Tuesday, we are starting judging on Thursday, and all exhibits in the buildings will be judged on Friday. This is a day earlier than usual, but the thinking behind the change is to have all judging done and exhibits set up for the traffic on Saturday. Saturday will remain the same with the Pedal Pull, Market in the Park, Ag Fest, and Turtle Races. Saturday is our busiest day and we want to show off all the wonderful exhibits that Harvey County Residents have been working on all year. This year’s Fair dates are Aug. 2-6th.

The next change is to forget your Open Class Number! Yes, I said it, forget it! We are going to an online system and before you get worried about how to set that up and enter your exhibits, don’t worry we are here to help! We will be here to help people enter their exhibits and are looking at other ways to help you get entered before the fair. We are just getting the online system started, so more information will come later.

The last change is the age ranges. Instead of having 5 age ranges in Open Class, we have moved to 3. They are Youth (0-11), Teen (12-18), and Adult (19+). The last few years, judges and volunteers have been getting confused on how to judge by age and then by class. This will allow it to be easier and still let the little ones compete against each other, rather than against adults.

The Harvey County Fair is still a long way away, but it is important to let everyone know of the changes. That way you can start preparing for them. If you have any questions, please call the office at 316-284-6930.

Champion Gluten Free Cookie

Have you eaten or made a flourless cookie? Most people haven’t and don’t think to even try that, but if you are gluten intolerant, then you would be thinking about this all the time! If you do have this intolerant, then you are in luck! We had a Champion Gluten Free option at the County Fair this year and I have included the recipe in this article. Continue reading “Champion Gluten Free Cookie”

Champion Pie

Our 2017 Fair is over, and I would say we had a pretty great Fair! As usual I will be posting some of the Champion 4-H Winning Recipes. This week’s recipe comes from Marissa Hurst. Marissa is in the Lucky 13 club and participates in many other 4-H projects like Beef, Goat and Buymanship. Continue reading “Champion Pie”

End of the 2017 Harvey County Fair

The 2017 Harvey County Fair has come to an end. As an Extension Agent, the fair brings months of planning and organizing for the five-day event.

Saturday is one of the busiest days of the fair. The majority of 4-H and Open class exhibits are checked in and judged on that day. This year, Saturday at the fair began before 7:00 AM and Continue reading “End of the 2017 Harvey County Fair”

Harvey County Free Fair

I encourage everyone to come out to the Harvey county fair this August 4-8. There will be things for the whole family to enjoy. The popular night attractions are the rodeo, carnival, bull blow out and demolition derby. On Friday August 4th, the 127th annual Harvey County Fair will start. Continue reading “Harvey County Free Fair”

2016 Champion 4-H Quick Bread

It is Fair Season! Since we are busy at the Fair Grounds, I thought I would share the Champion 4-H Quick Bread again.

Quick bread is, to me, is one of the more fun to make breads because there is no kneading and no waiting for the bread to rise; making it so you can make it and eat it in only a few hours, hence the word “quick”. Continue reading “2016 Champion 4-H Quick Bread”


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