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End of the 2017 Harvey County Fair

The 2017 Harvey County Fair has come to an end. As an Extension Agent, the fair brings months of planning and organizing for the five-day event.

Saturday is one of the busiest days of the fair. The majority of 4-H and Open class exhibits are checked in and judged on that day. This year, Saturday at the fair began before 7:00 AM and Continue reading “End of the 2017 Harvey County Fair”

Harvey County Free Fair

I encourage everyone to come out to the Harvey county fair this August 4-8. There will be things for the whole family to enjoy. The popular night attractions are the rodeo, carnival, bull blow out and demolition derby. On Friday August 4th, the 127th annual Harvey County Fair will start. Continue reading “Harvey County Free Fair”

2016 Champion 4-H Quick Bread

It is Fair Season! Since we are busy at the Fair Grounds, I thought I would share the Champion 4-H Quick Bread again.

Quick bread is, to me, is one of the more fun to make breads because there is no kneading and no waiting for the bread to rise; making it so you can make it and eat it in only a few hours, hence the word “quick”. Continue reading “2016 Champion 4-H Quick Bread”

4-H Foods and Livestock Auction

It is Harvey County Fair time! Since Friday, community members and 4-H families have gathered at the fair grounds for the 129th annual Harvey County Fair. The fair offers entertainment, educational exhibits, and delicious food. The five-day fair will come to an end on Tuesday, August 8th with a culminating event- the Champion Foods and Livestock Auction.  Continue reading “4-H Foods and Livestock Auction”

Fairs Still Hold Purpose After Hundreds of Years


This year marks the 129th Harvey County Free Fair. Fairs have held for many more years, dating back to the late 1700’s in America. Hundreds of years later, we are still hosting a county fair every year. Some people might ask, has the fair outlived its original purpose? Continue reading “Fairs Still Hold Purpose After Hundreds of Years”

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