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Scam Season

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Hello Scam Season! After all, it is the season for giving! Although consumer scams occur throughout the year, the holiday season provides fertile ground for scammers to target unknowing consumers.

Knowing about the potential of scams is important to your personal financial well-being, but reporting the scams also helps organizations like the Better Business Bureau, and Federal Trade Commission track scammers and catch them for the purpose of prosecution. Continue reading “Scam Season”

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

Have you reviewed your options for Medicare Part D? Do you understand how to navigate the Medicare website? Do you get confused just looking at all the information it gives you? You are in luck! We have trained volunteers here at the Extension Office, and many locations throughout the county, ready to help you!

Open Enrollment has officially started and will last until December 7th this year. All drug plans will then take effect January 1st. Now some people think, “I do not need to review my options, I like my plan and I will stick with it.” What if I could tell you that by making an appointment and reviewing your options you might be able to save anywhere from $25 to $130 dollars or more! (All savings depend on what plan you were on, what plan you switch to and what medication you are taking. Everyone’s savings are different.) Continue reading “Medicare Part D Open Enrollment”

How Companies Get Your Money

It’s that time of year when it starts to get cooler and the fall/winter fashions come back in style. I love this time of year. My wallet however does not love this time of year. If you are anything like me, I love to spend money on clothes and shoes for the fall and winter styles. I always want to keep up with the trends and sometimes it gets me in trouble with my husband’s and I’s budget.

Companies know that they can get suckers like me to purchase things by the way they advertise their new fashions. As consumers we are constantly being pestered by outside forces to try and get us to spend money. Have you searched for a certain type of article of clothing and then noticed your Facebook ads all of a sudden match what you searched? For example, I am on the hunt for a winter dress for a wedding in February, and now my Facebook ads are all about dresses. Companies will pay money to know what you have been searching to then in return have that ad show up on your Facebook. Continue reading “How Companies Get Your Money”