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When to Culture you Fescue Lawn

Image from University of Florida

This week’s column is about when to culture your tall fescue lawn.  Before we get into that I would like to mention that we will accept applications for our Basic Master Gardener Training Course through Friday, September 8. Continue reading “When to Culture you Fescue Lawn”

Chores of Owning a Lawn

Oh the chores of owning a lawn!  Most homeowners in Harvey County have tall fescue lawns.  Fescue differs from buffalograss or Bermundagrass in that is grows best in the cool season of the year, thus it is known as a cool-season grass (along with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass) and stays greener for a longer period of time.  Culturing it otherwise invites weed, disease and insect issues.  The following is a calendar for turf-type tall fescue. Continue reading “Chores of Owning a Lawn”


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