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The Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The whole family should be encouraged to eat breakfast. Breakfast gives you energy, makes you feel better, keeps you from getting hungry later in the morning, and helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Children who eat breakfast do better in school. Children may be able to get breakfast at school – check with the school food service to find out if it is available in your area. Continue reading “The Most Important Meal of the Day”

Healthier Life Style

I did a training this week where we talked about how to get individuals to make healthier choices. Is it best to teach them all these new things at once and have them do all these changes at once? Or is it best to try and do one change at a time? What do you think?

Have you ever tried to eat healthier and work out more? What usually happens? Continue reading “Healthier Life Style”

Advanced Health Care Planning in Kansas

Do you worry about the medical care you would receive if you became ill and were unable to speak for yourself? By stating your health care preferences in writing before a health crisis occurs, you can ensure that you will receive the type or degree of care that you want. There are many different and unique documents to help you plan for your future. Fortunate for you I will be having a class on May 25th 7:00-8:00 pm in the basement of the Courthouse.  I will be able to walk you through the process and help you better understand the process. Continue reading “Advanced Health Care Planning in Kansas”

Walk Kansas 2017

Walk Kansas Starts March 19th and runs until May 13th this year! We have lots a great prizes like a Fitbit and activities to get your moving. We will be sending out our local weekly events and rules for the prizes here soon, so be looking for them!

How Walk Kansas Works:

Teams of 6, with a captain, log minutes of activity for 8 weeks. Each team selects one of three challenges they will collectively work towards. In order to accomplish the challenge, each person will have a personal goal. In addition to physical activity, participants will report the amount of fruits/vegetables they eat. Program participants will receive weekly newsletters and motivational messages that focus on healthful lifestyle habits. Some local Walk Kansas programs offer classes, group activities, kick-off and celebration events, and more. Go to www.walkkansas.org to find your local Extension Office and learn about Walk Kansas in your community.

Continue reading “Walk Kansas 2017”


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