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Rabbits Teach Responsibility

Last Saturday twelve youth and their parents gathered at Anita Davis’ barn. The topic of discussion? Rabbits. Anita serves as the Harvey County 4-H Rabbit project leader. Some of the attendees have been rabbit owners for years, while others are just getting started. As a leader, Anita volunteers her time to share her knowledge and passion for raising rabbits with 4-H members.

The rabbit project is a great example of a 4-H project that is ideal for both rural and urban youth, as well as all age groups. Rabbits are a good beginning project because they adapt to many different environments, require a small investment, and teach responsibility.

This project is offered as a part of the Harvey County 4-H program, which has no membership fees. However, members are responsible for the purchase of animals, feed, health care, housing, equipment and show fees. Youth ages seven to eighteen are able to enroll in this project.

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