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Champion Gluten Free Cookie

Have you eaten or made a flourless cookie? Most people haven’t and don’t think to even try that, but if you are gluten intolerant, then you would be thinking about this all the time! If you do have this intolerant, then you are in luck! We had a Champion Gluten Free option at the County Fair this year and I have included the recipe in this article. Continue reading “Champion Gluten Free Cookie”

Champion Food Preservation Recipe

This year’s Champion Food Preservation went to Dominique Schutte; she made Pickled Banana Peppers. When she sold it at the Foods and Livestock Auction she paired it with the fixings to make pizza, it looked very yummy and I wanted to buy it myself. Continue reading “Champion Food Preservation Recipe”

Champion Pie

Our 2017 Fair is over, and I would say we had a pretty great Fair! As usual I will be posting some of the Champion 4-H Winning Recipes. This week’s recipe comes from Marissa Hurst. Marissa is in the Lucky 13 club and participates in many other 4-H projects like Beef, Goat and Buymanship. Continue reading “Champion Pie”