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Sorghum Emergence


Some fields of sorghum may have problems with non-uniform emergence for various reasons. In some cases, the surface soil was dry and some of the sorghum did not emerge immediately, or may not have emerged at all. In other cases, cool, wet soils slowed or reduced emergence on early planted sorghum. The latter might be one of the most frequent cases occurring during this planting season. Insect damage can also cause emergence problems. Continue reading “Sorghum Emergence”

Weed Control Strategies in Grain Sorghum


Severe grass and broadleaf weed pressure will reduce grain sorghum yields and can make harvest very difficult. Good crop rotation and herbicide selection are essential components of managing weeds in grain sorghum.

In a wheat-sorghum-fallow rotation, it is essential that broadleaf and grassy weeds do not produce seed during the fallow period ahead of grain sorghum planting. It is equally important that winter annual grasses are not allowed to head in spring, before the sorghum is planted. Continue reading “Weed Control Strategies in Grain Sorghum”


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