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Sugarcane Aphid

The sugarcane aphid (SCA) has not been found as of yet on sorghum in Kansas. There have been a few reports of the sugarcane aphid in Oklahoma and Texas. What can we expect this season? It’s impossible to know for sure at this time, but in 2016, sugarcane aphids were a significant problem on grain sorghum in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and most southern states. Continue reading “Sugarcane Aphid”

Sugarcane Aphid Resistance Sorghum Hybrids


A number of sorghum hybrids have now been identified which express variable, but quite significant, levels of resistance to sugarcane aphids (SCA).

Table 1. Hybrids with resistance to sugarcane aphid.

Alta – AG1201; AG1301; AG1203

B&H Genetics – BH4100; BH3400

DeKalb-  DK37-07; DK Pulsar

Golden Acres- 3960B Continue reading “Sugarcane Aphid Resistance Sorghum Hybrids”