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Tomato Tasting Results

When I receive the test plot trial tomatoes to evaluate for Kansas State University I never know what to expect. We receive 6 plants each of 10 different varieties for a total of 60 tomato plants.  Half of these are grown in the Giving Garden in Newton and the other half are grown by a Harvey County Master Gardener.  We take data on these tomatoes as they are growing and send this information to KSU for their research records.  Our trial at the Giving Garden gives us the opportunity to test different varieties of tomatoes at the Harvey County Fair in what we call “Tomato Tasting Table”. Continue reading “Tomato Tasting Results”

Blossom End Rot

Being first isn’t always a good thing!  Blossom end rot is easily recognized by the flat, leathery area on the blossom end of the fruit opposite the stem end. This condition is often first seen when the fruit is about half grown and continues as it matures. This is not a disease but a non-parasitic disorder that is most common on tomatoes.  Blossom end rot is the result of a calcium deficiency in the blossom end of the fruit. Continue reading “Blossom End Rot”

Too Late to Plant Tomatoes?

It is not too late to plant tomatoes in the garden!  Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable

grown in Kansas gardens. They are easy to grow, productive in small garden areas, and used in a wide variety of ways. There are about 4,000 varieties of tomatoes to choose from, so you can pick your favorite by experimenting with any you want! Big to small, green to purple, even black varieties. So have fun!

Tomatoes require a location that is fairly fertile, well-drained, and sunny, getting at least a half day of sun or more. Smaller vine tomatoes can be grown in containers. Continue reading “Too Late to Plant Tomatoes?”