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Water, Water , Water!

Take pride in your vegetable garden for all of the hard work you put into it.  Some of this work is keeping it irrigated sufficiently to produce fresh vegetables all summer long.  As my kids are finding out, daddy doesn’t like to waste water!  Here are some practices to help you reduce your water usage and still raise a vegetable garden:

Ten Ways to Improve Garden Water Use: Continue reading “Water, Water , Water!”

Importance of Water

Are you thirsty? Chances are you aren’t but your body really is. Water loss develops quickly if you are working outside; and with this heat, it can happen quickly too. Take a minute and weigh yourself before and activity and at the end. For every pound lost, two cups of fluid should be consumed to replace the water you lost before your activity. Continue reading “Importance of Water”

Hold the Water!

Avoid watering established tall fescue or bluegrass lawns prematurely in the spring. Even well-established tall fescue or bluegrass lawns must be watered regularly throughout the growing season to keep them green and growing. Buffalo grass is the most drought-tolerant grass and often survives summers without regular watering. Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass without excessive thatch require less water during stressful summers than do cool-season species.

Avoid watering established tall fescue or bluegrass lawns prematurely in the spring. Generally, there is a good reservoir of soil moisture remaining after winter, and during cooler springtime weather, grass plants require less water. Unnecessary irrigation can contribute to a shallow root system as summer approaches. Continue reading “Hold the Water!”

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