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Johnson Cancer Research Center Newsletter


cover of Conquest 2020 magazine

See how K-State is fighting cancer in the Johnson Cancer Research Center’s 2020 Conquest magazine. Brief, easy-to-read stories showcase some of the excellent cancer research happening at K-State, and some of the friends who help make it possible.


  • Dr. Peying Fong and Dr. Jeffrey Comer, anatomy & physiology, study how substances like cancer drugs penetrate the cell membrane (single story)
  • Dr. Amir Bahadori, mechanical & nuclear engineering, studies ways to protect people from cancer caused by radiation (single story)
  • Dr. Jianzhong Yu, anatomy & physiology, studies proteins relevant to cell proliferation and tumor growth (single story)
  • Mackenzie Thornton, senior in microbiology and pre-medicine, studies how cancer cells thrive despite nutrient stress (single story)
  • Dr. Katsura Asano, biology, studies how alterations in cellular translation can initiate cancer formation (single story)
  • Lori Kautzman, MD, biology alumna, organ transplant surgeon supports the JCRC’s Cancer Research Award program (single story)
  • The Frank Alonso family organizes ‘You’ll Never Run Alone 5K’ in memory of him, to raise money for pancreatic cancer research (single story).

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