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Dr. Stephen Keith ChapesThanks for taking time to read our Winter 2016-17 Newsletter! I am Stephen Keith Chapes, a professor in the Division of Biology, and I am excited to serve as interim director of the Johnson Cancer Research Center. As a former associate director of the center, I am familiar with many of its activities. But as I learn more about it, I grow increasingly impressed by the generosity of its supporters. Thank you for helping K-State fight cancer!

As many of you know, Rob Denell, the Johnson Cancer Research Center‘s second director, retired from K-State at the end of October. We hosted a retirement party for him at the Alumni Center Nov. 7. Many of his colleagues and former students joined in celebrating his successful career. Here he is pictured (third from left) with past members of his lab. more photos

Dr. Denell had a major impact on the center, on the Division of Biology where he was a university distinguished professor, and on the university as a whole. He will be greatly missed. You can read more about him in our next annual Conquest magazine, due out in April.

Please read on to learn more about our research, achievements and activities.

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