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Welcome to our first electronic newsletter! We’re excited to share our achievements, efforts and events with you in this more efficient and cost-effective format.

In this issue…

  • We awarded $228,400 this spring!
  • Not to brag, but…
    -Spotlight: Biochemist improving breast cancer treatment
    -Faculty, student & alumni achievements
  • Welcomes & farewells
  • Upcoming events

You can learn more about our center on this newsletter’s About Us page and on our website, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. To subscribe to our e-newsletter, send an email with the subject “newsletter” to cancerresearch@k-state.edu.

Also check out our annual magazine Conquest!

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What are you up to?

We love hearing what our past students and other friends are up to! Please share your news or favorite memories or photos by emailing Marcia Locke at marcia@k-state.edu.