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Clinical trials help healthcare professionals, including veterinarians, human doctors, pharmacists and others, evaluate new treatments and diagnostic tests for various diseases, including cancer. These new treatments and tests are designed to improve the detection, prevention and treatment of the disease. Among K-State’s current clinical trials is a study by¬† Rae Wouda, clincial sciences, of an anti-cancer vaccine (MediVet Biologics K9-ACV) for dogs. Learn more.




S. Keith Chapes, biology, Tonatiuh Melgarejo, human nutrition, and team have created a cell line that can be used in studies aimed at understanding obesity and other diseases in humans. Their study was published in the online journal Cytotechnology and a commercial licensing agreement has been signed. Read more.

Thomas Mueller, biology, and team published the article, “A 3D Searchable Database of Transgenic Zebrafish Gal4 and Cre Lines for Functional Neuroanatomy Studies,” in Frontiers in Neural Circuits journal. Their work has led to a library of enhancer trap lines that provides genetic access to 70% of the larval brain and is therefore a powerful and broadly accessible tool for the dissection of neural circuits in larval zebrafish. Read more.

Dr. Mei He
Mei He
, biological & agricultural engineering, published the article, “A Microfluidic ExoSearch Chip for Multiplexed Exosome Detection Towards Blood-Based Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis,” in Lab on a Chip journal. Read more.



Dr. Susan SunXiuzhi “Susan” Sun, grain science & industry and biological & agricultural engineering, showed her patented PepGel to more than 22,500 visitors at the annual Smithsonian Innovation Festival in Washington, D.C. T. Annelise Nguyen, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology, discussed cancer applications of the groundbreaking biomaterial. Read more. View video about PepGel.


Bruce Schultz, anatomy & physiology, wrote the lead chapter of a new book on the function of epithelial cells titled “Ion Channels and Transporters of Epithelia in Health and Disease.” Read more.


Ric Rosenkranz‘s team in food, nutrition, dietetics & health (formerly human nutrition) is offering a wellness program for local girls ages 8 to 13 years old. Wellness in youth decreases cancer risk later in life. View flier.


Multiple faculty researchers received awards from the Johnson Cancer Research Center last fall. Read more.



Tuyen Nguyen, doctoral student in chemistry, won first place poster presentation at the K-State Graduate Research Forum. She and nine other K-State graduate students  represented K-State at the Capitol Graduate Research Summit in Topeka Feb. 2. Her mentor is Santosh Aryal, chemistry.

Adam Schieferecke, junior in microbiology and biochemistry, will present his research at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol. He is one of six K-Staters among 40 students statewide selected to present. His faculty mentor is Stefan Rothenburg, biology. Read more.

Multiple undergraduate and graduate students received awards from the Johnson Cancer Research Center last fall. Read more.



Joining us in 2015 and late 2014 were:
Santosh Aryal, chemistry
Brad Behnke, kinesiology
Jeffrey Comer, anatomy & physiology
Jooyoun Kim, apparel, textiles & interior design
Annika Linde, human nutrition
Jocelyn McDonald, biology
Saurav Misra, biochemistry & molecular biophysics
Chingakham Ranjit Singh, biology
Nicholas Wallace, biology
Raelene Wouda, clinical sciences
Anna Zinovyeva, biology