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KWRI focuses on Kansas water issues

The Kansas Water Resources Institute (KWRI) develops and supports research on high-priority water resource problems as defined by the Kansas state water plan. KWRI is designed to facilitate effective communication between water resources professionals and to foster the dissemination and application of research results.

The projects we fund represent key issues affecting Kansas water quality and water resources. These projects have diverse and wide-ranging subjects, including studies on the efficacy of new irrigation technologies, studies on river morphology, drought assessment tools, or water quality assessments. Current KWRI projects, which will wrap up in 2021, include a study on stochastic forecasting of harmful algae blooms in Cheney Reservoir; the evaluation of geomorphological adjustment of a meandering, alluvial river subject to streambank stabilization structures; a determination if riparian buffer strip age impacts phosphorus retention potential; an investigation about nutrient forms and if they control harmful algal bloom toxin release; and an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) assessment of the effectiveness of streambank stabilization projects on the Cottonwood River.

Although research on the above projects is still ongoing, this newsletter includes summaries of KWRI projects that have just come to an end. You are invited to read about each of them and, if one proves interesting to you, please contact us for more information, or use the links provided.

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