Kansas State University


Department of Kinesiology

A Letter from the Advisory Board President

Dear Valued KSU Kinesiology Alumnus,

It is my honor to connect with you as the president of the new KSU Kinesiology Board of Advisors. As a fellow member of the distinguished KSU Kinesiology family I am excited to announce the new board, the new vision and the new opportunities for the department.

The Kinesiology Advisory Board (KAB) is a group of professional leaders selected to advise and assist the Department with their stated mission of education, research and service by contributing their time and talent.

Current Board members:
Jarrod Nichols – President                                                                      David Brandenburg – President-Elect                                                            Kelli Alldredge                                                                                        Kate Robben                                                                                              Ty Kane                                                                                                      Larry Noble
Erin Thornton
Jeremy Keen

The KAB’s primary objective during this inaugural year is to establish a successful mentor/mentee engagement campaign that will bring alumni and students together like never before in the rich history of this Department. This campaign will produce genuine relationships among us and provide valuable opportunities for KIN students to gain knowledge and wisdom from those of us in careers they are seeking.

Mentoring pairs, on average, communicate one hour per month in person, by phone, by email or by video-conferencing until the mentee graduates. By sharing your time, energy and wisdom you will be enhancing the academic experience and providing valuable opportunities to secure a promising future for KSU Kinesiology.

To learn more about the mentor program or to become a mentor, visit: wildcatlink.ksu.edu



Jarrod Nichols, DC