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Alumni profile: Brett Bartholomew

Brett BartholomewBrett Bartholomew is a strength and conditioning coach at Unbreakable Performance Center in Los Angeles, California. He is also a partner in the company and director of performance, overseeing the programming and coaching for athletes across all sporting domains. Bartholomew has worked with Olympic, professional, amateur, collegiate and high school athletes in more than 23 sports worldwide, including Canadian and Chinese Olympic athletes, world championship rugby teams, members of the U.S. Special Forces, NFL players from all 32 teams, UFC fighters and amateur boxers.

Bartholomew also works extensively with organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project and industry leaders such as Tesla, Google, Intel and Franklin Square on corporate wellness. Before joining Unbreakable, he served as the lead strength and conditioning coach for the NFL and Combat Sports Programs at EXOS, formerly the Athletes Performance Institute, and led and designed programming for the MLB, MiLB and military programs.

In the collegiate arena, Bartholomew managed the performance programs of 10 different sports at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and assisted the football team at University of Nebraska-Lincoln during the 2009-2010 off-season.

A bachelor’s degree recipient in kinesiology at Kansas State University, Bartholomew earned a master’s in education from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where he researched motor learning and athletic development. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a featured domestic and international speaker on a variety of performance related topics. Bartholomew returned to K-State in fall 2015 to speak to undergraduate kinesiology students about his experiences.