Kansas State University


Department of Kinesiology

Doctoral Student Spotlight

Get to know our doctoral student, Jacob Caldwell.

Hometown: White Lake, MI

Educational background (degrees earned):

B.S. Physical Education; M.S. Exercise Physiology ­– Eastern Michigan University

Program information (major/minor/etc.): Ph.D. Candidate in Kinesiology studying under Dr. Carl Ade.

Research line/area (if applicable): Control of blood flow and blood pressure in health and disease in humans.

What brought you to Kinesiology (why did you choose to study KIN): I began my journey as a physical education student at Eastern Michigan University in 2006. I was introduced to exercise physiology during my junior year and was almost certain this would be the field I wanted to stay in and study. 10 years later, I am still studying physiology (specifically cardiovascular physiology) and love it more than ever.

Future plans (post-graduation): Currently in search for a post-doctoral fellowship. I plan to follow a path of research and teaching at a university similar to Kansas State University.

Organizational Involvement: President of Kinesiology Association of Graduate Students. Member of: American Physiological Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Heart Association.


Kansas State University: American Kinesiology Association Doctoral Scholar (2018)

Kansas State University Doctoral Dissertation Award ($1000.00)

The University of Oklahoma Robberson Travel Grant ($1000.00)

Any interesting facts about you: I can perform a standing back tuck (back flip). I am frequently told I am Zac Efron’s doppelganger.

Your favorite exercise/way to be physically active: Olympic-style weightlifting, recreational sports (softball, volleyball, swimming), and walking my dog.