Kansas State University


Department of Kinesiology

Internships in Kinesiology

Kinesiology students gain hands on experience through internships. Learn about Dakota and Olivia’s experiences. 


Dakota Coats- MS- Kinesiology (in August 2018)

Internship Setting: K-State Strength and Conditioning

Hometown: Jetmore, KS

Future Plans: Strength and Conditioning Coach





 Why did you choose this internship?

  • I have participated in two internships, one at Wamego High School last summer and the other was this semester with K-State in the Volleyball/Soccer strength and conditioning department. I chose these internships because I am going into the field of Strength and Conditioning and I wanted an opportunity to get some hands on experience and learn from successful coaches in the field.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

  • One of my favorite parts would be interacting with the athletes and being able to help them get better. I also really enjoy applying the science I have learned through Kinesiology and learning exactly why we are having the athletes perform this certain exercise at this certain percentage at this time of the year. It is cool to bring knowledge from years of school and use it in one setting.

What advice would you give to other students looking at internships?

  • Show up ready to work and learn. Ask questions but be sure to listen more than you talk. Then step out of your comfort zone and practice and get some hands on experience.

What is the biggest takeaway you got from completing your internship?

  • I think the biggest thing would just be the experience. Being able to watch coaches and how they handle multiple athletes every morning is a great way to different styles of coaching and how to properly coach certain exercises. Then getting the chance to coach/lead groups has really made me step out of my comfort zone. I have learned a lot and I have improved on previously weak areas, but this has also allowed me see what areas I still need to improve on. All in all, it has been a great learning experience.



Olivia Schmidtberger- BS- Kinesiology (in May 2018)

Internship Setting: Heart & Vascular Clinics

Hometown: Topeka, KS

Future Plans: will attend Physician Assistant School at Wichita State in June





Why did you choose this internship?

  • Knowing that I would be starting Physician Assistant school in June, I selected the Heart and Vascular Clinic because I was looking for an opportunity to immerse myself in a similar environment to that in which I would potentially be working as a PA while challenging myself in a specialty that I did not have any clinical experience in. I also know the prevalence of cardiovascular related diseases is projected to increase at an exponential rate, and because of this, I wanted to have some experience in the field so as to be an effective healthcare provider in the future.

What was your favorite part of your internship?

  • My favorite part of my internship was being able to apply concepts learned in my kinesiology classes to real-life patients and scenarios! I felt really prepared and was familiar with most of the concepts and topics covered during my internship. I also really loved the people at the clinic, they were so welcoming and fostered a great learning environment; answering any questions I had and taking the time to teach me new skills.

What advice would you give to other students looking at internships?

  • The biggest advice I would give to other students looking at internships would be to have your end career goal in mind when selecting your internship experience. Think about what learning and networking opportunities would be made available to you, consider areas of your future field that are in need of providers, and/or use this opportunity to explore parts of your future career that you are not as familiar with. For me personally, I took this internship opportunity to experience a sector of healthcare that I had no previous experience in, and I’m so grateful that I did!

What is the biggest takeaway you got from completing your internship?

  • The biggest takeaway I got from completing my internship was that it’s okay to not know something. During my shadowing experience, my supervisors would often quiz me, asking me to explain the physiological significance of something, identify a structure on the monitor during an echocardiogram, or even to help develop an individualized cardiopulmonary rehabilitative therapy for patients. In the beginning, I would be anxious to be asked these questions for fear of answering incorrectly, but as time went on, I began to realize that I knew more than I gave myself credit for, and the concepts I didn’t answer correctly I began to see as an opportunity to learn. Being classified as a “continuous learner” is an adjective you often hear used to describe medical personnel, and it makes sense. In a field that is constantly changing, one has to have a love for knowledge; knowing all the answers all the time wouldn’t be as fun! I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience and would highly recommend others who have similar interests to take advantage of this opportunity!