Kansas State University


Department of Kinesiology

Master’s Student Spotlight

Meet Korynne Rollins, master’s student in Kinesiology.

Hometown: Surprise, Arizona

Educational background (degrees earned): B.S.

Program information (major/minor/etc.): Major: Kinesiology, Minor: Spanish

Research line/area (if applicable): Autonomic neurophysiology

What brought you to Kinesiology (why did you choose to study KIN): I knew I wanted to learn how the body worked physiologically and biomechanically because of my background in sports but had honestly never heard of the word Kinesiology until I Googled “best major for students who want to go to physical therapy school” and found that majoring in Kinesiology seemed like a popular response. I did a little more research on what Kinesiology was and knew it would be a good fit. Although I decided later on that I did not want to go to PT school, I am glad I stayed in the major because it gave me the opportunity to apply for the doctoral program where I can continue to research and teach. Throughout my experience in the department I have definitely gained a new respect for the professors in the field of physiology and their dedication to conducting research and also incorporating the most up-to-date information into their classes for their students.

Future plans (post-graduation): I am applying to the doctoral program here at K-State.

Organizational Involvement: K-State CrossFit

Grants/Awards: Kinesiology Masters Student of the Year

Your favorite exercise/way to be physically active: CrossFit