Kansas State University


Department of Kinesiology

Undergraduate Spotlight: Aidan Murray

Hometown: Salina, Kansas

Educational background (degrees earned): Graduate May 18, 2019 with a BS in Kinesiology

Program information (major/minor/etc.): Kinesiology

Research line/area (if applicable): Conducted research in Dr. Gina Besenyi’s Physical Activity Research in Community Settings (PARCS) Lab on developing a Park Prescription Program (Park Rx). Park Rx is aimed at getting healthcare providers to prescribe physical activity as they would any medication.

What brought you to Kinesiology (why did you choose to study KIN): I am a big sports fan and actually played football here at K-State, so I found it fit my personal interests. It also encompasses many aspects of all science fields such as biology, chemistry etc.

Future plans (post-graduation): I will be attending the University of Kansas School of Medicine later this summer.

Organizational Involvement: I was a member of the Kansas State football team my freshmen and sophomore year. As of now I am a big brother to Kayen in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.


  • Leadership Scholarship
  • Memorial Scholarship
  • Laurent (Anita K) Scholarship
  • Emery Memorial Scholarship
  • Eagleton Memorial Scholarship

Any interesting facts about you: I am the oldest of three boys. I love sports and the outdoors.

Your favorite exercise/way to be physically active: I like to be physically active through sports, especially basketball.