Kansas State University


Department of Kinesiology

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Meet Kelli Stallbaumer, senior in Kinesiology.


Sabetha, KS

Educational background (degrees earned):

Bachelor of Science

Program information (major/minor/etc.):

Kinesiology & Gerontology

What brought you to Kinesiology (why did you choose to study KIN):

I chose Kinesiology because I had a huge passion for exercise and health during my high school years. I was looking for a way to turn that love into my full-time career and have found just that through kinesiology. Through my courses at Kansas State, I have really come to admire everything our bodies are capable of, and the intricate mechanics of how our bodies function never fails to amaze me.

Future plans (post-graduation):

I will begin the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Kansas Medical Center at the end of May. After three years of schooling, I hope to return to a rural community like my hometown and work primarily with older adults and neurological disorders.

Organizational Involvement:

Kinesiology Ambassador, Vice President of Exercise is Medicine-On Campus, Kinesiology Student Association Officer, Kinesiology Student Advisory Board member, Desk attendant/Water aerobics instructor in the L.I.F.E. Fitness Program through the Department of Kinesiology, Employee in the Center on Aging at Kansas State, Human Body Cadaver Dissection Team member, Kansas State Cheerleader, member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Pre-Physical Therapy Club member, St. Isidore’s volunteer and member


TM Mickey Evans Most Promising Freshman Entering the Kinesiology Department, Foundation Plus Scholarship Recipient, R.C. and Eva Finley Center on Aging Scholarship Recipient, Darlene J. Meisner Peniston Memorial Scholarship Recipient, Scholastic Honors

Any interesting facts about you:

I have been attending K-State football games since I two years old

 Your favorite exercise/way to be physically active:

I really enjoy cycling, swimming, and the stair master!