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Growing Seasons: Kansas State University Gardens

Seasonal tips, garden connections

November in the Midwest:

  • Rake leaves and clean up rose beds.
  • To help control unwanted pests, remove all rotten fruit from fruit trees and those that have fallen to the ground.
  • Winter is coming, but you can still plan for spring by planting your favorite spring flowering bulbs.
  • Clean, fix and sharpen all power and hand tools so they are ready for the next growing season.
  • If you have a fish pond, drape a net over the pond to collect fallen leaves. Also, add a bubbler to keep oxygen in your pond throughout the cold, frozen winter months.
  • Clean out bird baths, stock the feeders.


Garden connections:Welcome to The Gardens at Kansas State University

Visit The Gardens online at www.k-state.edu/gardens/.

The Gardens are open:
Dawn to midnight, Sunday through Saturday, March through November.

The Quinlan Visitor Center is open:
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Admission and parking is free.

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