Continuing our tradition of outstanding capstone experiences

The Landscape Architecture | Regional & Community Planning Department’s long tradition of independent student projects in the final year of study continues. Now each student prepares a master’s report or thesis and since 2006 all are made available on the K-State Research Exchange, KREx, where you can search for work by author, major professor, key words and many other attributes. You’ll find a list of master’s theses and reports linked below by degree program. The titles lead you to pages where you can download the full document.

Landscape Architecture

Regional & Community Planning

Community Development

Below you will find a list of the 2013 class of MLA and MRCP theses and reports. Click on the underlined title to reach a page that will allow you to download and review the projects. The committee members for our students’ projects include faculty from four colleges in addition to our own and more than a dozen departments. We’re thrilled about the range of our interdisciplinary explorations!

One example of our students’ excellent work is Lauren Ewald’s, MLA ’13, master’s report focused on improving public spaces in the neighborhood of Vistas del Cerro Grande in Chihuahua, México. Her  study was created in collaboration with 5th and 6th grade students from the neighborhood. Click on the image to view Lauren’s video and see the children she worked with and their neighborhood. Lauren was named the 2013 KSU 2013 Landscape Architecture Foundation Scholar. She went on to share her passion for design to improve lives at the Kounkuey Design Initiative in Los Angeles, California.

2013 MLA Reports and Theses

Biondolilo Jena 2013 Analyzing the benefits of reducing parking: improving public transportation to reduce parking demand and increase space for green infrastructure in Manhattan, Kansas Professors Keane
Kim | Peterson
Butler Ninah 2013 High school campus design elements for outdoor-based education amenitites Professors Gibson
Kingery-Page | Clement
Christner Cammie 2013 Celebrating the bond between children and nature: Designing a sensory outdoor learning enviornmentfor garfield elementary school in Augusta, Kansas Professors Beamish
Kingery-Page | Fees
Cunningham Kevin 2013 Resilience Theory: A Framework for Engaging Urban Design Professors Belanger
Canfield | With | McLauchlan
Denney Anne 2013 Redesign River des Peres: to improve, protect, and maintain Professors Keane
Hahn | Hutchinson
Ewald Lauren 2013 Espacio Público para Todos: Using Purpose-Oriented Amenities to Enhance Childhood Development in Mexican Public Spaces Professors Gibson
Kingery-Page | Wesch
Farley Joshua 2013 Preserving land within Riley county and Manhattan, Kansas: Conservationist and developer approaches to land planning Professors Clement
Hahn | Kim
Flynn Sarah 2013 A 21st century campus aesthetic: photography, memory, performance Professors Clement
Hunt | Joglekar
Gutierrez Josef 2013 Restorative Campus Landscapes: Fostering Education Through Restoration Professors Clement
Kingery-Page | Shoemaker
Harper Kylie 2013 The role of surface: Catalytic surface strategies for open space in urban enviornments Professors Brody
Belanger | Rolley
Hoertmer Derek 2013 CenterScapes: waste landscapes into thriving communities Professors Brody
Belanger | Stith
Hundley Anne 2013 Restorative memorials: improving mental health by re-minding Professors Beamish
Hunt | Stiepl-Coats
Jarquio Sam 2013 An acoustic education: evaluating soundwalks and listening exercises in promoting aural awareness and sensitivity in landscape architecture education Professors Co-Major Beamish, Nawre | Weston
Jenkins Jake 2013 Navigating campus: a geospatial approach to 3D routing Professors Hahn
Bernard | Rolley
Johnson Aaron 2013 Green infrastructure: a new strategy for stormwater management In downtown Wichita Professors Keane
Belanger | Rolley
King Jessica 2013 The Succession of a Contaminated Floodplain: Reclaiming the West Bottoms Professors Keane
Kingery-Page | Hutchinson
Mann William 2013 The Fruits of Landscape: the power of landscape in presenting sustainable food production Professors Clement
Skabelund | Janke
Martell Natalie 2013 Productive Ground: 21st Century Design Strategies for Fairmont Park Professors Canfield
Winslow | Hunt
Mayer Angela 2013 Delineating Suitable Wetland Areas for Reconnection of Habitat in Southwest Illinois Professors Gibson
Keane | Hahn
Molaskey Katherine 2013 Inclusive community landscapes in rural midwestern cities: a design proposal for Emporia, Kansas Professors Beamish
Nesse | Procter
Ptomey Patrick 2013 Rethinking Rainfall: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices in Turkey Creek Basin and Downtown Kansas City Professors Keane
Hahn | Skabelund
Thomas Valerie 2013 Designing Landscapes for Grieving Children at Elementary Schools Professors Beamish
Kingery | Shoemaker
Wagner Benjamin 2013 //Fluxspace: Temporary Acts as Social Catalysts in Kansas City Professors Canfield
Keane | Rolley
Chiu (Wang) Peiwen 2013 GIS-Based Coupled Cellular Automaton Model to Allocate Irrigated Agriculture Land Use in the High Plains Aquifer Region Professors Bernard
Hahn | Belanger | Peterson | Rolley
whitford Katherine 2013 Urban Streetscape: Activating the Public Realm and Increasing Safety Through Multifunctional User-Oriented Spaces Professors Canfield
Kingery-Page | Rolley
Woodard William 2013 West Bottoms 2048: Growing an Urban District Through Intermediate Natures Professors Canfield
Rolley | Skabelund
Zundel Bryan 2013 West Bottoms 2048: Growing an Urban District Through Intermediate Natures Professors Brody
Belanger | Stith

 2013 MRCP Reports and Theses

Cox Taylor 2013 Main Street Revitalization Effort for the Village of Union, Nebraska Professors Gibson
Keller | Griswold
Kisler Stephanie 2013 Revitalizing Quality of Life in Union, Nebraska through Implementation of Sustainable Community Amenities and Brownfield Remediation Professors Gibson
Keller | Griswold
Wencel Eric 2013 Northeast Kansas City: A Study of Neighborhood Diversity and Urban Design Professors Brody
Krstic | Rolley