Unbuilt Exhibit

The project show above was selected by curators for a forthcoming exhibition to be shown in Ankara, Turkey at the Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture Gallery during January 2014. The exhibition entitled Unbuilt Visions, began as competition that encourages conceptual “out there” designs to further push the limits of architecture and design worldwide.

The group which created the concept chosen included Glen Jarrett, MLA 4th year, and Ross DeVault, MLA 4th year. It was developed in ‘Laminated Landscapes in India’, taught by Professor Alpa Nawre. Another project in the class created by Gabriela Weber, MLA 4th year, and Nicholas Mercado, MLA 4th year, was also selected for the exhibit.

“Our group was concerned with improving the water management systems in India in both the monsoon and drought seasons. When implemented, the funnels create a decentralized water management system, allowing households and communities to collect and store water for their needs,” Jarrett said. “In addition, the funnels can be clustered in groups to create dynamic public space within the urban fabric of India for markets and other social activities to occur.”

The studio ‘Laminated Landscapes in India’, taught by Nawre focuses on the study of design issues relevant to the built environment in developing countries. Students engaged in both large-scale visionary urban proposals and smaller site specific interventions. Students chose topics from water, energy, waste and food to craft urban design proposals based on landscape systems for resource sustainability in sites in Raipur, India.


1. Unbuilt Visions Exhibit image on water management systems in India. Image by Glen Jarrett and Ross DeVault