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Housing Spotlight | Smith Scholarship House

Smith Scholarship House.
Smith Scholarship House.

Love where you live – How cereal, camaraderie and community are making Bryan Lytle’s experience unforgettable at Smith Scholarship House, an all-male cooperative environment. Learn more about Smith Scholarship House through a Q&A with President, Bryan Lytle!

Q. What factors wSmith Houseeighed most heavily when you decided on housing?

A.My biggest concerns when I was choosing where to live were cost and how I would like where I lived. I came from a small town in Colorado, and I was worried I would be in the residence halls and find a roommate that I didn’t understand culturally. Smith House gave me upfront answers about the type of person I would be living with as well as a low cost.

Q. What were you most nervous about when it came to move-in time?

A. I was particularly worried about meeting all of these new people. Moving into a house of 34 guys was rough because most of them already knew each other. Thankfully, Smith House was prepared for that and really let me get to know the guys before the school year started.

Q. How is the food?

A. We do our own cooking at Smith, which is why I say the food is surprisingly good. Occasionally, something comes out wrong, but we have endless cereal to make up for it. Also, I learned how to cook at Smith because of the opportunity of cooking our own meals.

Q. What surprised you most about your housing situation?

A. I was really surprised by the brotherhood aspect of the house. I know it may sound cheesy, but these guys are my family. I didn’t expect to find that here.

Q. What advice would you give freshmen moving onto campus next year?

A. I tell freshmen that congratulations, you get a new start, be who you want. Don’t let what you did in high school define you; make a path you choose.

Q. What is your favorite thing about Smith Scholarship House?

A. My favorite things about Smith are the great guys and community we have, and the available cereal at 2 a.m.

Q. What celebrity would you pick to be your roommate and why?

A. I would room with Morgan Freeman just to hear him talk more often.