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The Parent’s Crash Course in Career Planning

I believe parents and families want two things for their CES Bookcollege student.  First, you want your student to graduate from college.  Preferably, in a reasonable amount of time. Second, you want your student to get a job.  A good one.  Am I right?

K-State Career & Employment Services Executive Director Dr. Kerri Day Keller encourages parents and families to become familiar with the career development process and the current employment market by reading Helping Your College Student Succeed:  The Parent’s Crash Course in Career Planning by Marcia B. Harris and Sharon L. Jones.

“Parents may feel their influence diminishes as their son/daughter goes off to college. In many ways, I think your influence actually increases. We rely on family members to champion services like ours during those critical moments.  We want to be part of the solution when you get that question – what should I do mom/dad? This book also gives you other ideas about how to support your son/daughter through decision-making and their process of discovery.” -Dr. Kerri Day Keller