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Thrifty Giving with Powercat Financial

Powercat Financial’s Thrifty Gifting Holiday Budgeting workshop held in early November provided students tips and trick to reduce holiday financial stress. Trained peer financial counselors helped students learn ways to manage and save money during the holiday season on gift buying, travel, etc. A few of those tips can also be found on the Powercat Financial blog. We provided free food, fun bingo games and lots of wonderful prizes including two Country Stampede tickets. Students who attended also took one step closer to completing the K-State 360 College Financial Planning Badge, as this event qualified for one of the elective options towards earning that badge.

Students can request a free financial education session anytime from Powercat Financial where a trained peer financial counselor can help them:

  • Create a spending plan for next semester much like they create an academic plan with their academic advisor;
  • Look over their financial aid decisions;
  • Discuss the process and options for student loan repayment plus loan forgiveness programs;
  • Review their credit report and understand how to manage credit well;
  • Compare job offers and understand employee benefits, plus more!

Encourage your student to email Powercat Financial at powercatfinancial@k-state.edu if they have any financial questions.

Also, students can subscribe to the Powercat Financial blog to receive regular financial education tips on everything from completing the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA), locating campus financial resources, protecting against identity theft and much more!


Check out this video by Powercat Financial titled “6 Tips to Graduating With Money!”