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WildcatLink Provides K-State Students with a Network of Alumni and Mentors

Establishing a professional network early can be the key to a successful job hunt and can help to bridge the gap between the college education and career. Launched in Fall 2017, WildcatLink was created to connect K-State students, faculty and staff, and alumni and friends for career-related support.

The two main parts to WildcatLink are networking and mentoring. Users may participate in only networking, only mentoring, or both. These preferences are selected during sign-up and can be changed at any point in the future.

Networking is available to all current undergraduate and graduate students with an approved WildcatLink profile. Through the Wildcat Network, users may view, search for, and contact other users with public profiles. Student profiles are only visible to those the student chooses to contact.

Wildcat Network creates a space for all members of the K-State community to connect with individuals willing to provide career-related guidance and support.

Users may also join WildcatLink as part of one or more college, department, or unit mentoring programs. These programs connect students with professionals through matching processes with the intention of creating a formal, professional relationship in which participants meet on a regular basis. Mentoring programs require a greater level of commitment on the part of the participants and an additional layer of approval to join.

For more information about WildcatLink, please email wildcatlink@k-state.edu. To create your profile, visit our website and use your K-State eID and password to create your account.